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Eco-Fashion News: First of 2015!

Happy 2015! Lots going on in eco-fashion since the end of 2014 and the beginning of this year, but here’s some of the highlights:


1. Business of Fashion called 2014 “the year fashion woke up.” The industry seems to be taking ethical issues more seriously, a trend that hopefully continues into 2015! (via Business of Fashion)

2. Could this be the beginning of the end of fast fashion? More European retailers have started manufacturing in eastern European countries- turns out it boosts their reputation AND simplifies their supply processes. (via the Guardian)

3. The always gorgeous Olivia Wilde is the new face of H&M’s conscious fashion line. (via the Independent)

4. Something weird: jewelry made out of human hair. Once popular in the Victorian era (where it probably should have stayed…), hair jewelry is making a comeback. (via The Cut)

5. A cool Q&A with Eileen Fischer, a designer who makes sustainable fashion accessible. She’s also just a rad person who’s created a company as cool as she is! (via Huffington Post)

6. Sure, wool seems more sustainable, but is it really as animal-friendly as it seems? Of course not! Maybe it’s time to move on to vegan textiles. (via Feelgood Style)

The Anti-Gift Guide

So this is the time of year when all my favorite fashion bloggers start posting holiday shopping lists and gift guides and I couldn’t help but notice how downright weird some of those gifts are. Some of the most bizarre: $50 stationery, a $150 jug, a $250 crochet set. Normally I’m all about frivolous girly things but when I saw those lists I couldn’t help but think of how disappointed I would be to open up a crochet set or a water jug or some pretty paper. (although I’m pretty sure my friends and family know me well enough to not get me stuff like that!)

Gift giving sometimes isn’t done too thoughtfully any more, and some seem to do it just to check a name off their list (guilty…). But rather than get someone a vintage crochet set or some other weird antique-y thing, maybe make a donation in their name! I mean, if you told me you would either get me that crochet set or donate $250 to ASPCA, I would totally choose ASPCA. Because animals are the greatest!

This makes it super easy: I found this website a couple of years ago that I use for finding charities. It’s called Great Nonprofits, and they vet all the charities they have on their website, so you can read reviews from volunteers and everything. You can search by location, by cause, or both! I like to find local charities, because I know what I give will make a difference. I also donate to causes that mean something to me! So if you’re not so into animals but maybe super into environmental sustainability? You can find the perfect charity on their website. Feels so good to give! Don’t believe me? Try it!



Gifts that Give Back

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When it comes to being a friendly fashionista, the eco-friendly aspect of it is just one small part. When I’m researching sustainable products, it’s always cool when those companies help the local artisans who made them, or when they donate … Continue reading

This Week’s Links: Fashion and Food

Maybe it’s the close proximity to Thanksgiving (or the fact that I’m very hungry right now) but there were a ton of great articles this week on healthy, organic eating. There’s plenty going on in the world of sustainable fashion too, but food definitely has my attention this week! Enjoy!


  • File under: good to know! The Environmental Working Group recently came out with its dirty dozen– a list of top food additives to avoid and why. (via Organic Authority)
  • BroccoLeaf: the nutritious super veggie you’ve been throwing away. (via Organic Authority)
  • Did you know you could get $20 your next denim purchase at J. Crew by donating your old pair of jeans? Yes, it’s true! (via Blue Jeans Go Green)
  • Beauty brand Lush recently duped fur-wearers with a fake website that showed them the cruel reality faced by our furry friendsĀ  who end up as coats (like the adorable raccoon dog pictured above). And they thought they were just getting a good deal. (via Ecouterre)
  • This line of organic dress shirts is killing it on Kickstarter. The founders were inspired by an interesting concept- it’s now super easy to find organic food and cleaning products, but much more challenging to find sustainable clothing alternatives. (via BostInno)
  • Vegan handbags that don’t look vegan. Not an easy thing but this brand nailed it! (via Now)
  • Secondhand stores are being overloaded by fast fashion. Basically people are buying so many new clothing items every day that charities like Goodwill and the Salvation Army can barely keep up with their donations. (via Feelgood Style)

Inspiration: Zooey Deschanel

I could write volumes on my love for Zooey Deschanel. (But don’t worry I won’t.) She has great classic style, but still finds a way to mix in pieces that reflect her sweet, quirky personality. And she loves glitter and polka dots- I mean, come on.


Technology is Good: Fashion Resale Apps


I’m a huge fan of clothing swaps. They’re an awesome, cheap, and easy way to refresh your wardrobe! My favorite way involves getting together a group of stylish pals (and some good wine and food) to host a clothing exchange party, or you could just take your stuff to a decent secondhand/consignment place to get some extra cash.

Thankfully clothing swaps are even easier now with apps that you can use to exchange your stuff right from your iPhone (or whatever phone). Here are five super convenient apps to get you started recycling your stuff for “new” clothes or cash:

1. Threadflip. How it works: They send you pre-paid packaging to ship them your stuff. They keep what they like, shoot it professionally, and sell it on their site, while you get 80% cash back. They’ll also let you list some items (usually just jewelry/small accessories) yourself. Check out the goods here.

2. Vinted. This one is for you if you’ve got some nice-but-not-luxury-brand stuff that you want to get out of your way. It also makes it easy by letting you list the items yourself. To buy, you can comment on items to negotiate pricing or swaps with other members. Check them out here.

3. ThredUP. This one has a fair mix of brands that range from mall to luxury, which keeps things interesting. Like Threadflip, they’ll send you a pre-paid package to ship them your stuff. They keep what they like and give you 80% cash back, giving you the option of store credit or payment into your PayPal account. See what they’ve got here.

4. Poshmark. This one is by far the easiest, and also might be my favorite!! Here’s why: Poshmark feels like a little fashion community, with a Pinterest-like interface that’ll make Pinterest addicts (like me) feel right at home! You can “like” and comment on items, negotiate prices with other members, or arrange a swap. Be a part of it here.

5. Twice. Kind of like Vinted, Twice accepts normal, non-luxury brands. Like the others, they’ll send you pre-paid packaging and pay you immediately once they receive and value your stuff. But Twice also has a clearance section! Check them out here.


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