DIY Flower Headband

My stylish pal Britny recently introduced me to these adorable flower headbands and it was love at first sight! Although I couldn’t help but think- how easy would it be to just make this myself?! And by making it a DIY, you’re cutting out shipping and packaging and all that stuff that’s bad for the environment anyways!

headband DIY

While I realize not everyone is an ex-sorority girl with an arsenal of crafts, the stuff I used for this is pretty basic. You just need some glue, ribbon, flowers, and maybe even some bobby pins (but really you could just tie the ribbon in your hair).

The rest is pretty simple! Glue the flowers to the ribbon, glue the ends of the ribbon to the pins and BAM! A cute flower headband, for the hippie in all of us.


Anddd this was a last-minute post so I had to do the worst kind of selfie. The giant-camera-in-the-mirror selfie. Embarrassing. But I will be rocking this headband every other weekend come spring!


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