Eco-Friendly Discoveries

I’ve always loved eyelet, and I feel like it’s really making a comeback this summer. It’s not even just the look, but the feel of lighter, airier fabrics in warmer weather that just screams SUMMER! It’s cool and relaxed while being totally preppy and put-together. So in addition to the eco-fashiony links below, I posted a few looks that include my favorite fabric of the moment. I especially love the bright blue dress in the first photo, a pop of color like that is so unexpectedly glam.


  • This is so rad. It’s Elle’s countdown of the best green beauty products. (via
  • THIS makes me so excited. The gals behind Snob Essentials are launching a vegan handbag collection! (via Who What Wear)
  • H&M partnered with the Guardian to produce a completely bogus, 100% biased article that says fast fashion isn’t always unsustainable. Except oops, wait… it is. (via the Guardian- I’m not even linking to it but it’s out there!)
  • But hey, the Guardian also produced something cool and interesting! An article about lifestyle businesses– entrepreneurship for free spirits! (via the Guardian)
  • Vintage, made in the US, or environmentally friendly… ever wondered what’s best? Hint: buying secondhand. (via EcoSalon)
  • Reasons not to go overboard on makeup: Some kids work 12 hours a day to make sparkly eye shadows. Sad. (via Huffington Post)
  • And something that’s just awesome: a new lingerie brand that’s cute, but not obnoxiously frilly and ridiculous looking. (via Fashionista)


Photo credit here, here, and here

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